Q-Switched Laser Resonator
Q-Switched Laser Resonator

Bonding crystals allow for simultaneous water cooling of Q-switch crystals (Cr4+:YAG) and crystal bars (Nd:Ce:YAG). The lifespan of the Q-switch crystal is more than doubled after bonding. Another feature of this product is the increased efficiency. Bonding crystals are used to signifincantly decrease the thermal effect. The laser output efficiency is raised by more than 30% when compared to that of common laser crystals.

Additionally, this product delivers an extremely stable energy output. The crystal bonded laser cavity possesses a narrow pulse width. The width can reach 5nm, and the peak power is high. What’s more, there is no need to adjust the laser device. This means the laser can be output after being directly installed. The product is compactly structured to save space, which means it is small and easy to carry.

1. A bonded crystal allows the Q-switched crystals(Cr4+:YAG)and the crystal bar (Nd:YAG)to be simultaneously cooled using water, nearly doubling the service life of the Q-switched crystals.
2. Increased efficiency: Bonded crystal raises the output efficiency by 20%, which increases the output efficiency 30% better than ordinary laser crystals
3. Stable output.
4. The endoscopy is composed of a bonded crystal with a narrow pulse width of up to 5nm, with a high peak power.
5. Debug free. laser device
6. Space saving. Compressed to be small in volume and convenient to use.

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