Our company uses an iridium crucible that has been heated using an inductive method in order to produce the YAG family of laser crystals which are available in various concentrations. We can also supply the Q-switched crystals with a complete absorption coefficient, as well as a huge variety of bonding crystals.

With extensive experience in the field of optical cold processing, we can offer high-precision optical glass and precision optical components. Our product catalogue includes, but is not limited to, optical lenses, optical glass, slats, prisms, spherical mirrors, plane mirrors, cylindrical mirrors and diaphragms.

Our company has invested in plenty of coating machines that come from different countries. We have also employed the use industrial grade ultrasonic cleaning machines and various coating techniques, such as IAD and EB, which can fulfill your various application requirements.

Bonding crystals allow for simultaneous water cooling of Q-switch crystals (Cr4+:YAG) and crystal bars (Nd:Ce:YAG). The lifespan of the Q-switch crystal is more than doubled after bonding. Another feature of this product is the increased efficiency.

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