Laser optics
Laser optics

With extensive experience in the field of optical cold processing, we can offer high-precision optical glass and precision optical components. Our product catalogue includes, but is not limited to, optical lenses, optical glass, slats, prisms, spherical mirrors, plane mirrors, cylindrical mirrors and diaphragms.

JIEPU TREND is a leader in the fields of testing techniques and equipment. We have a wide collection of advanced test machines, such as a ZYGO interferometer, and a PE spectrophotometer, just to name a couple.

Our company has extensive experience in the optical cold processing field. We supply high precision optical glass and optical materials, including optical camera lenses, optical glasses, wattles, prisms, spherical mirrors, plane mirrors, cylindrical mirrors, diaphragms and more.
The testing techniques and equipment of our company are also pioneers in the industry. Our company owns many testing machines including Zygo interferometers, and PE spectrophotometers.

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